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The Earle Law Firm, LLC has been serving the Birmingham area for over a decade.

The seasoned team at The Earle Law Firm, LLC will provide you with the quality representation you need to address your legal issues. We are dedicated to engender justice for each of our clients. We specialize in personal injury, criminal defense and family law. Concerned about the welfare of each client, we work to maximize claims and obtain justice on your behalf.

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Edmond D. Earle, Esq
Edmond D. Earle, Esq., is the senior attorney and founding partner of The Earle Law Firm, LLC. He knew early on in life that his passion was to help others and serve as a guiding figure in his local community. For more than a decade, he has remained true to this goal.
Personal Injury
If you are asking yourself the following questions: "Should I file a lawsuit after sustaining an injury resulting from an auto accident or slip and fall? Will my insurance cover damages to my car as a result of an auto accident? Am I at fault?" you could face considerable consequences if you do not consult with counsel quickly and proactively.
Criminal Defense
Have you been wrongfully accused of a crime you didn’t commit? Are you striving for justice? The Earle Law Firm, LLC will strive with you, providing excellent representation for your criminal defense case.
Family Law
The Earle Law Firm, LLC provides a wide range of services in family law across various avenues. The staff at The Earle Law Firm has worked with Alabama Family Courts for years and has keen knowledge on the rules of civil procedure and evidence that will best represent your claim.

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